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Eleventh Hour Hike

7 Sep 2016
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To celebrate Labor Day this year, our family that came out to participate in and enjoy the Dakota 5-0 mountain bike race, decided to head out on a small hike into Spearfish Canyon called Eleventh Hour. There are many hikes throughout the canyon that can be enjoyed, but Eleventh Hour is a real treat! Your entire family can enjoy this local hike!

It can be difficult to find this gem within Spearfish Canyon because of the hidden entrance from the highway that runs through the canyon, but if you ask anyone around the area (we'll help you locate the entrance!) they will be sure to help you find it. Most travelers drive right through the canyon without even noticing this beatiful work of nature hidden in plain view. Foliage hides the entrance to this short hike, but after you make it past the hidden entrance, it opens up into a wonderful high wall canyon. 

You'll find a small waterfall flowing over the North side of the canyon walls, and two man built wooden ladders leading you up into the small passageway to the top of the cliffside. Once you get to the top of the cliffs overlooking the canyon, you can walk over to the edge of the East Cliff and overlook the highway running through Spearfish Canyon, Spearfish Creek, and the "Kissing Rocks" laying within the creek. It's a spectacular view that many travelers don't notice during their vacations to the area and certainly one you're whole family can enjoy! 

Once you finish with this wonderful hike, make your way to Spearfish for a treat at the local brewery - Crow Peak Brewery - where you can find a refreshing IPA named after this very trail - the 11th Hour IPA.