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Snowmobile Trails and Information

Year after year we continue to get more families coming to visit the Black Hills to enjoy the snowmobile trails during the winter. It's been a growing attraction in western South Dakota and we love to see more people coming to enjoy all the wonderful snow and scenery the Black Hills has to offer. The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks have continually worked to develop the 350 mile trail system that runs from the northern hills all the way through the central and southern parts of western SD. They've worked hard to create an easily accessible trail system that has markers throughout the trails to help guide you to your destination and to the best areas to enjoy your riding experience. 

There's a full time staff that continually works on the trail system during the summer and winter months. You'll find trails through pine forests, deep into canyons, lookouts upon beatiful peaks, and open meadows where the snow pack can reach up to 5 feet and the powder flows like champagne. It's a wonderful area to enjoy snowmobiling with your family!

While riding on the trails, you'll find places to stop and stay warm, gas stops, resorts, local snowmobile service options, snowmobile rentals, and guiding operations to take you around the Black Hills. 

Below are some links to help you create your favorite snowmobiling experience in the Black Hills!

Trail system managed by the SD Game, Fish, and Parks.