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Hiking/Mountain Biking

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Summer Activities

The Black Hills have hundred of miles of wonderful trails to hike or take your mountain bike through. We also have some of the greatest scenery for miles around the area, so whatever your skill level, you're bound to have a great time! 


The Black Hills offers easy access day hike options, as well as longer backpacking trip options for the whole family. From looking out over Spearfish on the Crow Peak trail to viewing Mount Rushmore and the surrounding Black Hills from the top of Harney Peak (the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains). You'll see some of the most amazing rock outcroppings and forest vistas in the midwest. To see some of these trails, be sure to check out the Black Hills National Forest page. 


Tatanka 100

We also have two of the best mountain bike races which draws visitors from all of the U.S. to participate in. The Tatanka 100 is a grueling 100 miles of mostly single track starting at one of the most prominent areas in the Black Hills - Mount Rushmore. You can learn more here - Tatanka 100

Dakota 5-0

We also have the Dakota 5-0 which is a 50 mile race running alongside beautiful Spearfish Canyon that is a test for even the best of riders. The event is filled with festivals, craft brew, and some amazing food! If you're looking for a great mountain bike experience with great friends, without having to slog 100 miles, this event is for you! - Dakota 5-0